My Amazing Kingdom

This may seem like a cop out post, a lazy recycling of a note I originally posted on Facebook but it is just as relevant, if not more so, given how much fun I had this past weekend with some friends.  Socializing was a major obstacle early on for cognitive reasons, while old habits, a low self-image, and lack of confidence/motivation kept me out of the social scene until now.  As I go about making new friends and reconnecting with old friends, I feel like I’m “dusting off” a major part of me that’s remained largely unused for the past 8 years.

Friends, it might get a little crazy.



Return of the King (originally posted on Facebook, August 29 2008)

when i was king,
with an aura so royal,
the people would sing
to show they were loyal
my kingdom was endless,
i was young and strong,
my feats were boundless,
and i committed no wrong.
folktales of my favor
were repeatedly told,
my presence was savored,
my touch was gold.
the nights were warm,
the days filled with sun,
success was the norm
in all that i’d done.

but on a warm spring night
my kingdom was severed.
at a single red light,
life changed forever.
the wine made him merry
and had taken his sense
but i had to carry
the dark consequence
the earth was shaken
with the impact so violent
a last breath was taken,
and then i fell silent.
my fire, now an ember,
was not put out yet
i will never remember,
and can never forget
that my body was broken,
my crown was smashed.
each wound a token
of a life that had crashed.
the people wept
and many despaired
for two months i slept
while i was repaired.
my limbs became weak
and my heart grew still
unable to speak,
i looked to the hills
no lavish banquets
in this strange new home,
just days filled with anguish,
as i dined alone.

but a new sun was turning,
breaking the dark.
life was returning
and hope had a spark.
amidst cheer and shout
i returned to my home
choirs rang out,
“reclaim your throne!”
though everyone else
believed i could reign,
i thought to myself,
can i be king again?
my crown’s lost a jewel,
my throne has a crack,
how can i rule
with all that i lack?
the people sent aid
from near and far,
and in serving displayed
the true people they are

it’s been many years
since i made my return
there have been many tears
and lessons learned.
my throne is still twisted
it no longer stands tall,
the arm-rest has lifted
and the gold is now dull.
my crown is history
so too, is my ring,
but i’ve unraveled the mystery
of what makes me a king.
like a circular ring,
this wealth never ends,
for what makes me a king
is my kingdom of friends.

Thanks, guys.


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3 Responses to My Amazing Kingdom

  1. :) Well it’s the first time I read it…awesome.

  2. Shannon says:

    This is really well crafted, Jay. Wonderful rhythm too. You do have a way with words, my friend.

  3. Julia says:

    Wowzers. That’s all I can say. And that, it’s a pleasure being your friend.

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