Another Story, Another Perspective

If I have accomplished anything with TheBrainDamageDiaries, my hope is that it broadened others’ understanding of brain damage, and, by extension, something about life itself. Each week I endeavour to share something that I have learned or had reaffirmed while playing the cards I’ve been given. My life has been out of the ordinary, the struggles, extraordinary, and the perspective I’ve come to has been tempered. I came across another perspective that bears repeating, that of Ben Breedlove, who died Christmas night from the condition he describes here:


Each person has a story, and each story presents a unique narrative. My story has unfolded in unexpected ways, bringing unexpected pain, unexpected treasures, and a perhaps unorthodox perspective. Past essays detailing my thoughts and conclusions have been fairly benign, readily falling in line with what most of us hold to be true about life – more reminder than revelation (or revolution). Recent challenges continue to refine my perspective, my faith, and my grasp of truth, however, and some of the conclusions I’ll be presenting in the coming weeks will be less palatable to some, outright heresy to others, and blasphemous to yet others.

But to some, perhaps a small number, they will be real life; a voice, a perspective, joining and validating them as they navigate blindly, yet hopefully, through trauma of their own.

And this blog, in addition to whatever else it is and does, is for those people.


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2 Responses to Another Story, Another Perspective

  1. Naomi says:

    I’m looking forward to the next post already!

  2. Lana says:

    You do give us a voice, Jay! A powerful, reassuring one that is not afraid of challenge or hardship, one that does not live in any sort of superficiality or denial. Thank you!

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