Is this section meant to provide information About the author of this blog, or a description of what the blog is About? I’ll try to provide a bit of both. First, my name is Jay and though most people guess younger, I am 35 years old (born in 1979). As a kid on Vancouver Island I spent summers playing guns with my three brothers (my sister wasn’t interested) around the huge fort in our yard, using guns made from garage-sale hockey sticks. These toys were eventually replaced with rollerblades, couch-cushion goalie pads, and actual hockey sticks. Basketball and volleyball sated the need for competition throughout high-school, culminating in the final battleground (after some heavy landscaping): a beach volleyball court in our backyard.

My first job was on a dairy farm in the summers during high school. My second job was with Parks & Rec. in the summers during university. A detour led me to my current job with The Fort Langley Cyclery, as a bicycle mechanic. My first car was a white ’90 Honda Prelude (got totaled, more on that later) but my favorite was a ’93 Mitsubishi Delica.

This tells part of the tale while the contents of this blog, what it’s actually about, tells the rest.

TheBrainDamageDiaries is an ongoing account of how I deal with severe brain damage, the result of a drunk driver running a red light on April 9, 2003. My hope is to educate and challenge, to be a post of information and consequently optimism. By putting a virtual face to brain damage, I aspire to blur the line between disability and ability. Now over 10 years out, I continue to navigate my way around familiar yet ambiguous cognitive issues. In that sense, I am technically very much mentally retarded though as I’ve come to find, and I hope you’ll agree, I make retarded look good.


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